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Is it time to replace outdated controls?

Do you have an idea to increase throughput but think it too costly?  If only you could speed up that beam line, or steel conveyor up ten percent.  Well maybe you can.  Perhaps your rotoblaster could be so much better if it only had a “little bit of automation”.  How about that one machine that always goes down when you need it? One customer had a programmable hydraulic control unit that was the heart of a bottling line. It was obsolete with no replacement. No one could help them. We custom designed and built a device that fit in the existing space for less than $2000.  All their lines now use this package.   

Maybe you're unhappy with your MTBF. Let us have a look. We’ve come up with solutions that have saved customers thousands of dollars with each passing year.  Possibly you need speed control or AC/DC drives.  Advances in technology now allow an AC drive to be installed where years ago only a contactor would fit.

We’ve designed controls from corrugator bundle breakers, to loop controls. Re-bar shear lines to furnace monitoring systems.  Tube mills to extruders. We’ve retrofitted systems from MG sets (even recommended keeping the set in some circumstances) to vacuum tubes. Replaced relay logic with PLCs and old buttons and knobs with touch screens. Commissioned mammoth Powel methanol dilution systems and installed drives in hundreds of applications.    

Call us or use the easy form to contact us, we can help.

Text display to Color HMI Retrofit
125 HP Digital DC Drive Before/After
Rebar Controls


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